Tulip Beading Needles


Yesterday, I got special beading needles!




it looks like usual Tulip beading needles, but they are their new products.


I am very happy to get them! Because they are the best needles which we know!


they free me from the stress of threading a needle.


If you use this needle, you can thread a needle very easily!


But unfortunately, they are the products that are not being marketed.



I remade the ring which I started to sell yesterday.

Because today, it suddenly hit me that I felt a lack in it.

So I decided to remake the ring!


This is my new ring!



It is more gorgeous than before!

And I think it looks three-dimensional.


Now I am so satisfied.


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Beads: Gaultier designed Swarovsky

I am a big fan of Jean Paul Gaultier since 20 years ago.

I keep all his items which I bought, some are broken, but I can’t part with them. They are my treasures.

I happened to find Gaultier designed Swarovski beads!

They were lovely color and I liked that at first sight.

and they remind me one of Gaultier bag which I have.



This bag was sold in Japan and the name of its series was V-Cyber.

I was so exciting to find them and bought all kinds of them which were sold in Japan now.

Unfortunately, some are not sold in Japan, but some day, I want to get all!