Steam punk Japanese Cascade Earrings with Swarovski crystal




Now we have Sakura season in Japan!

But this item is not Sakura item, I tried to make steam punk taste earrings.

In my opinion, Chain mail jewelry is good for steam punk, isn’t it?

And the color of Scarab green is also good for antique gold!!












Chainmail Jewrlry: and Minerals: Box chain Bracelet with Liquid Crystal


Finally, I made good liquid crystal. The theme of of this bracelet is “bottled in rainbow”.

I filled a bottle with liquid crystal, it was very hard for me to filled a bottle!

Because liquid crystal is very sticky and it overflow from a bottle.

and I attached box chain, one of chainmail weaves.


I took this picture yesterday and could find a little rainbow.



Today I took a picture under the shushine, I could find a big rainbow!

In my opinion, crystals go well with chainmaille.

Chain Mail: I start to sell my handmade items on eBay!

Finally, I can get a license of Chain Mail in Japan!

So I can sell my handmade items!

This is shaggy loops bracelet with star charms.


I displayed this bracelet at exhibition and I heard some people wanted to buy it!!!!!

I am very happy and want to say “thank you!”.

DCIM2704 DCIM2694 DCIM2687

Now I am selling it at eBay, please visit my page.

Free shipping, Free gift wrapping with gift box!